3 Dumb Mistakes Robbing Smart Men Of Muscle

Do you make these mistakes when trying to build muscle?

They’re common.

I’ve made every one of these mistakes (and more) in my fitness journey.

Today,3 Dumb Mistakes Robbing Smart Men Of Muscle Articles I’ll share them with you so that you don’t waste your time like I did.

* Overlapping exercises

Most Feetness Eggsperts ignore this time waster and it really annoys me.

Overlapping happens when you perform multiple exercises for the Creatine Pills same muscle group, in a training session. This is a mistake because your muscles can benefit only from a certain number of sets.

If you do more than needed?

Best case scenario, you waste time. Slightly-worse case scenario, you lose muscle mass. Worst case scenario, you injure yourself since your joints didn’t have time to recover.

* Picking exercises that don’t work for you

This goes beyond exercises for your body type.

Take two tall men, have them do a certain exercise and their bodies will respond differently.

What I’m talking about is finding exercises for y-o-u. You need to take into account your height, past injuries, limb length, training experience, and yes, your personal preferences.

This way you’ll not only feel an exercise (mind-muscle connection is another important aspect of muscle growth but that’s another email for another time) and minimize injuries, aches, and pains, but you’ll also enjoy your training even more.

Because, let’s face it:

If you always need to motivate yourself before doing an exercise, isn’t this a sign that the exercise is not right for you?


* Being force-fed your coach’s biases

If you hire a Crossfit coach, he’ll have you follow a Crossfit program.


If you hire a powerlifting coach, he’ll have you follow a powerlifting program.


If you hire a bodyweight coach, he’ll have you follow a bodyweight program.


And you know what?

The same will happen if you hire any coach who proudly proclaims that they specialize in X.

They’ll always force-feed you their training bias.

You see, all they have is a hammer. So, everything looks like a nail to them.

What this means is that they’ll always try to force their system to you.

And that’s dumb

What they should do instead is to decide which system can help you achieve your goals.

When I’m creating a training and diet plan for a client, I don’t think “Oh they need to do snatches because it’s a cool exercise. And they need to follow the keto diet because it’s all the rage.”


What I think is “Based on what we know, how can I create a system that will match their current lifestyle and abilities, while also moving them closer to their goals?“

This is the right thinking process.

And it’s the thinking process that has helped many clients throughout the years reach their goals.

If you’re interested in getting my help, then I suggest signing up for my list and getting the free bonuses.


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